I did look at the house Jude,
But I saw something much different than you. I'm certain that I saw you running away from there into the trees. Actually jumping and ducking and diving. Looked like you had a B-B gun rifle in your hand and rope for lassoing some wild animal. Sorry but you looked very, very unaffected by anything that tried to hold you hostage there. I think I even saw you swinging from the trees as you rode high above the alligators and devils. I'm sure you even plinked one right between the eyes as you laughed and sped away. Where did you go? Where did you go? You took off so fast! Are you up at the corner store drinking a grape soda? Whew! Wow! Ok man, catch up with you later, gotta do my paper route. I'll meet you at the fort @ 4:00 we'll catch bullfrogs.
see ya, Dewey
p.s. keep your gun close!
I refuse to use my past as an excuse to not have a future.
My hero Dad; Trigger warning- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi3Hyxuf5AE