Hi. I am new to this site. My husband is completely anti-social, I have accepted that and don't bug him about it. I do convince him to go out to dinner once in a while though and for each of our birthdays (including his). I was a bit surprised that this is common (my husband was abused sexually, physically, mentally and neglected). It is a great relief to see that this is common. He suffers anxiety attacks when we go out (which to others appear that he is being very nasty) and it took me a long time to see and understand that he becomes this way because he doesn't feel good. I stopped trying to force him to go out a long time ago but didn't quite get it until he started very slowly telling me about his abuse (somehow he thought I knew from all of his hints over the course of time we've been together) and even at that, it took a traumatic experience for him to open up to me, our son was arrested and throughout the course of court proceedings he started opening up (we've been together for almost 24 yrs, I met him when I was 13), mind you I went to court alone. He was dealing with this differently. Thank you, I just realized that I need to write everything down because I need someone to help me to help him. He will not seek help of any type, I've tried.