I haven't been on the site in a very long time so just read your post about the moms that are here. Your words really touched me. They brought tears to my eyes--but crying comes really easy these days.

My son had been seeing a therapist but I didn't feel the therapist was helping although my son kept saying he was helping A LOT. Now, the therapist has moved to a location far away and my son DESPERATELY needs to be back in therapy.

My son is not a child--heading into his late 20s--and his life is slipping away. He dropped out of school, quit his job...If he isn't with his girlfriend, he's watching TV, playing video games or sleeping.

My sons says he's asked people here to recommend therapists but they were all in NYC. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF AN APPROPRIATE THERAPIST ON LONG ISLAND?

Thank you all so much for being here when I need to reach out.