I think so too, Will. It meant a lot to me just a few minutes ago to be reading your own personal story and journey. It really does give me so much hope to be seeing fellow men who have gone through the process I am in, and have gone on to lead fulfilling lives.

Right now, I am trying to discover what it means to be an adult, and a man, given my past. Even before the CSA, my childhood had much physical abuse from my parents (Which is why I went online), and I only learnt from my parents how NOT to be. But what about how TO be? What kind of a person am I? As a gay 21 year old, I feel disconnected from the general gay community, I was abused by so many men and as a teen I did not have much male comradery. However, discovering male comradery is something I crave so much now and I feel would be real beneficial in my recovery process.
My best friend in Germany really helped start this process, but he has not experienced CSA and I am only the 2nd gay person he has ever met, so sometimes when I really wish I could talk with him about these nitty-gritty things, he does not have an answer.
However, that being said, it does a world of good for me to see straight, bi, gay, and non-labelled men here uniting under common experiences and common understanding.

I am looking forward to where this community will take me.
,,Nun ging es immerzu, weit, weit bis an der Welt Ende."