To my former First Sergeant "F"
and to my former Company Commander Cpt. "B"

You worthless pieces of shit. I want to know was it really worth covering up Private "C" death, and set me up to take a fall for your alls failure to do your job?

I don't know which is worse, you all fucking up my families lives, my marriage and my career, and my asshole.

Or letting Private "C's" family believe that their son's death was unavoidable?

Oh, I'm so God damned sorry!!!!!!!!!!
Both incidents still happened!!!!!!!!

You see, just recently, I just found out that I'm a Grandpa, and I wasn't able to go to my daughters wedding or be around for the birth of my grandchildren.

Yea, you sure secured that for yourselves!!!!!!!!!!
How does it feel to basque in those feelings and memories, to be around for those events??????????????

Please explain it to me!!!!!!!
I want to know how those feelings feel to you and what they mean to you, because I'll never know, now will I?????????

You have no fucking idea what it meant to me to have to keep my mouth shut all these years. Or what it meant for me???? Your friends threatened to kill me and then threatened to kill my family, and the only way for you all to secure your alls future was to make me submit to your wishes. So you allowed these guys to shove a broomstick up my ass TWICE. Whether you knew what they were going to do or not. You all are still responsible for their actions.

I'll bet that you don't even care about any of this!!!!!!!!
I wonder what your families would say to you if they knew that you all covered up and lied to maintain: "The good order and discipline of the ARMY."

I really wonder what they would think?
But, I know that nothing is ever going to get you all to be and act responsible now after all these years.

It's funny so very funny, The FBI can investigate General Petraeus for simply having a potential affair, but won't investigate you all for allowing the death of a fellow soldier under your command and allowing such horrific deeds that were done to me and my family...

Where's the justice in that???????????????
Sick and tired of being Sick and tired.