Like a lot of us here I have major drug and alcohol issues; but I also have experimented a lot with psychotropics; LSD, mesc, peyote, mushrooms, dmt heck even whippets; question is; Does anyone here (while not condoning any type of drug abuse) think in any way that psychotropics helped them either communicate or deal with their abuse?
2 years ago I dealt with the only motherly figure in my life dying; less than 2 months later I was nearly killed on 95 in CT. So what did I do; simple just doubled my alcohol bill that’s all. Fast forward to this spring; hate myself more than ever; sick of drinking and then thanx to the internet found out about “research chemicals” and salvia. To make a long story short the salvia was the gateway I needed into myself to allow myself to deal with my past. I had to let go of the anger; I couldn’t have handled it; I might have even gone homicidal?
Just wondering if anyone has been as lucky as me?

I hate to admit that I made some chemistry mistakes here, I thought that the “trip” in question was from the salvia alone but on further consultation with my son I now know that it wasn’t just salvia that night but a mixture of synthetic cannabinoids and salvia. Karma was kind here it was so long ago now and it knida doesn’t matter what the combo was just understand it’s not repeatable, so I am unable to share this with the world.

edited to add the above truth.


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