Very much my thot when the power finally came on after three weeks. I still had a relatively solid roof over my head. Yard, fences, trees in tatters at the time, but it could have been a lot worse. Downtown was nailed, especially the office towers with floors of blown out windows.

The grandkids have EXCELLENT taste Jeff and I admire their approach. You can't pin it on any one individual. I often forget the sheer obvious, devious brilliance of children's minds. They're only interested in Love that.

(I think W.C. Fields once noted that kids are, "sticky or noisy or both."

@TJ: The capsaicin isn't doing squat, though the pain no longer involves the whole leg, just the footie. Perhaps I haven't given it enuf days of regular treatment yet as I understand needs to be done. Home stretch? Back to the hydrocortisone at least temporarily.

@Jeff: Dammit, instead of spending nine bucks for a whole ounce of capsaicin, I could have had a few half pints of Haagen Dazs dark chocolate and felt alot better physically...and emotionally.