How the flick should I feel?...
I'm a Veterans Day Baby, and I got fucked,
literally by other members of my unit.
How the flick should I feel on this day?


What a day for me to remember my military collegues.

To my former First Sergeant "F"
and to my former Company Commander Cpt. "B"

(No, "F" doesn't mean the f-word, and "B" doesn't mean the b-word, it is the first letter of their last names.)

If you were standing here in front of me today I'd say this to you in front of the world to hear...

First Sergeant, your are one lousy scum bag and son of a bitch. I think you knew what happened because these guys who raped me in the barracks on both occasions, simply reaked of petroleum products. That's how I knew they were from the motorpool. So how in the world could you have not know what went on, unless the old saying if you don't see it, it didn't happen. I believe they call that culpable deniability!!!!

And to you Captain, because you too were one who was young and new to being a commander for the first time. As a commander of any given unit, it is soley 100% your responsibility to be responsible for any actions within your unit of command, whether you knew about it or not: Or is that a falsehood that is only depicted in Hollywood Movies?!!!

I would just dearly love the kick the living sh*^, out of the both of you and have you in a position where you could not fight back, just like these guys did to me, blanket party, gag, and a broomstick. Sound like a party to me...

I think that would be the appropriate punishment for you since you were responsible for my safety, which you totally ignored!!!

I think you two owe me an apology.
After all this time, that's all I ask for,
is an apology. Do you have the guts to?

Here's what I want you to think about prior to an apology to me and my family.
For the last 22 years, think about what you have experienced with your family, and I mean every little thing.
Now see from my point of view, what do you think you caused me to miss and how that makes me feel inside.

I wonder if you know what it means to empathize???!!! Do you even know what that means???!!!

Now think of an appropriate apology to me and my family... You fu)(*&^ Ass)(*^#... Dirt Bags...
Sick and tired of being Sick and tired.