Two things I have done with varying levels of success (although true empathy with my husband is often elusive):

1. I wrote a list of 20 things that make me feel loved. It's a crazy list. But each item rings my bell. And I gave it to him. He already did some of them, others he tried and enjoyed success. Does it build empathy? No. But does it in a very basic way teach people what emotional intimacy is, you betcha.

2. I am a reader... so I have to make a book recommendation on this. There is a book called HOLD ME TIGHT that is the application of attachment theory to adult relationships. It is very interesting. And while the author is not directing it toward survivors, it sure is important for them because many of them have attachment disorders due to early trauma. Even if your survivor is not a reader, it is a very interesting way to look at the dance we all have in relationships. She addresses the need for bonding and attachment, and sources all conflict to a protest of a break in the attachment. Very interesting read.