I am new to this and trying to navigate what this site has to offer . I can certainly relate to the response to noise , sounds of any kind my partner sleeps with ear plugs and a sound machine and yet he says I wake him up often. There's so much information ou there , I first want to be sure that the problems between that have gotten progressively worse are symptoms of someone in denial . Even though he's told me he was invested but never shared much else . I been feeling like all I do in the relationship is provide a safe place for him , normalcy. Cooking
cleaning showing up together for his family affairs . From the outside it looks great but let me tell you not being touched or kissed in over 4 months is really
messing with my esteem .i feel I need to be invisible ,quiet and provide .while he loses himself in work and is completely unapproachable. Don't know who to talk to,I've been in a 12 step program and can usually work through most of the feelings. Not sure if this is the right place to post , would appreciate any guidance
sifting through directions and instructions is hard for me right now , I just want more information,validation and support