Wow TJ...a kindred spirit. I was feeling so LONELY laugh

No adverse reaction, but it was acyclovir. Doc has suggested using one a day it as a prophylactic, as well. Looked it up and I've only been bitching about this for a month. So, not as long-lived as I'd thot. Just has felt longer.

Soaking helps a lot (baking soda, warm bath water...or epsom salts). Not bad for stress either. Codiene's now down to half dose or less, but frankly, I've done a full one if I need to function without pain.

Over-the-counter Capsaisin cream for skin sensitivity. Gabapentin anti-convulsant for neuropathy but, as I noted, I'm personally a bit concerned about interactions. As far as scripts/insurance, I'm considering one of the Canadian pharms.

PM me if you need support on it.