Hey CdnDW! Sure do wish I could say things are awesome. I totally messed up the interview in the new city so that's off the board. I have a couple of other options that I'm following up but it's tough to stay optimistic.

The past couple of years have been so unbelievably stressful due to work and my marriage falling apart. I believe that we protect ourselves by not facing things until we're ready. It's only recently that I can see the extent of the destruction my husband's choices placed on me. I'm trying to not be a victim but it's tough. Plus I'm lonely but it's tough to meet ppl at my age and in my situation. I find it hard to let ppl in and when I do, BAM! This shit happens.

So enough of the moaning! I'm hoping I won't sabotage the next opportunity and that I'll get to a secure place soon enough. Thanks for checking in CdnDW. Sounds like things are headed in a positive direction for you. I'm happy to heard it.