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I was abused by my older sister through control........

.....After reading others' stories, and the horrible experiences they have had, I feel like mine isn't so terrible. But why do I feel like shit?

I have problems with control; others controlling me. I'm sad and angry and I don't know how to go forward.


Your feelings are very real and your own, you have every right to feel angry. Avoid downplaying them and comparing. Someone used your body for their own pleasure, disregarding your own rights as an individual. Unfortunately a lot of us here did not have someone to tell us that, "our bodies are our temples", and ,"no one has the right to do anything to me that I dont want", and if they try you should scream and tell the authorities. If someone may have been a bit better, or maybe not...who know? What matters is what I CAN do NOW, as a man, as a survivor.

Reclaim your body, however way you see fit until you no longer feel like shit, I play sports, run, hit the gym, set boundaries with women so I'm always in control. Your body is yours and yours alone. It's up to you who you share it with. She took advantage of a little boy, you are not a little boy anymore. What happened then should not define you.

You are a survivor.

Best of luck
Quiet the noises
And leave your ears free to hear
What is going on,
Right Here.

Do not cower in fear
For when the morning rays mate with the leaves
Through your eyes it will be clear,
That there was actually nothing to fear.