I definitely have depersonalization disorder. When I see a picture of myself as I am now, I experience surprise that I look like that. I think that I'm really a kid. It's not 100%. I basically know I'm a crazy old man who thinks he looks like a kid. And I have that symptom that I don't want to lose the kid. I look for who I am in other people. I would suppose the dissociative identity disorder was helped by EMDR. But I still have some level of dissociative disorder. I also have a music personality.

I have been diagnosed as DIDNOS. But there are some symptoms that make me think it was pretty bad.

I know that these problems are because I experienced sexual abuse at age 4 and then kidnap at age 12. The last EMDR session I had went into the terror I felt in kidnap. It was so extremely severe that I split off in the session. I don't know how to deal with this.


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