Here's a story from the UK's Independent that shows that the current chair of the BBC, Chris Patten, is an old political foe of Lord McAlpine, the unnamed monster in the recent BBC report:

"Of all the senior BBC figures floundering in the Jimmy Savile avalanche, only one knows what it is like to live through a crisis. Senior BBC managers are normally protected within a multi-layered hierarchy but the chairman of the BBC Trust, Chris Patten, faces the current frenzy after a tumultuous political career...

"But in another dramatic twist, while the Conservatives won the election by a triumphantly wide margin, Patten lost his seat in Bath. When the loss was announced, senior Thatcherites, watching the results at the home of the former party treasurer Lord McAlpine, cheered with delight."

So maybe this bad blood between Patten and McAlpine will work out in our favor. Then again, maybe it won't.
But he grew old, this knight so bold / And upon his heart a shadow / Fell as he found no spot on the ground / That looked like El Dorado.