I have listened to a lot of campaign rhetoric and a lot of news about the campaigns.

I heard one presentation on the subjects that were NOT mentioned.

Another subject that was not mentioned is child abuse, particularly child sexual abuse. Nobody wants to touch it with a 10-foot pole. Not that I want the subject to be kicked around like a political football or anything.

But I want to mention some items from my reading which emphasize how important this is.

Following is a quote from the Forward in the book: Psychological Trauma and the Developing Brain, by Phyllis T. Stein and Joshua Kendall.


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Child maltreatment is the single most costly public health problem in the United States today. It is a major contributor to scourges ranging from alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse, to mental illness, AIDS, and violent crime. Of course, child abuse is not solely responsible for every case with these outcomes, but it is a critical risk factor that is preventable.

Here is another statistic from a book about DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). The book is: A Fractured Mind, by Robert B. Oxnam.


Remember that DID is caused by very severe abuse of children, usually sexual abuse, and usually at a very young age. The author is talking about the rate of occurrence of DID in greater New York city, where he is a practicing psychiatrist.

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...We know that abuse of children is common, but the figure of one in ten thousand emphasizes that DID arises in families where the level and kinds of abuse are in the extreme category.

So he is estimating that 1 in 10,000 people in NY have DID. How many does this work out to be? If there are about 8 million people in greater NY, then the number of persons with DID is approximately 800. Is this important?


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