Hi Thebo,
must say that your R&R class seems very inspiring for me smile
When I've read assignment that your teacher wrote to all of you ("aha moments") and when I thought about your presentations it seems to me like you should try to think on it and just let it go while doing it.
I'm not sure should you change anything, if you are feeling anger you should let that side of you out, please don't hold nothing wink
This is great possibility, you don't need to do it for others (who likes attention?) but rather when you'll try your dance and music alone doing rehearsal why not to bring some anger out doing your belly dance and with great and powerful drums in background? Man you'll have some party there smile those will be "aha moments"
Let all anger go out, please don't make it to look like something different. We as humans are terrible when talking and making everything to sounds "better", there is no need to do it again here,language is one already spoiled medium, music, dance is other. Trough music we are bringing some instinctive deep feelings to surface, and like in other art, people don't need explanation warped into some sweet words to see it and understand it, they need only intuition.
So move on Thebo, move on trough dance, bring all feelings form inside out, let all shake around like it is earthquake, let us all hear your pain and anger, let us hear it even on other site of Globe smile !

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