What's not depression, but causes massive and sharp pain that you just know is deteriorating your physical health?

Psychiatrist treats it ALL as "depression."

I try to paint elaborate and detailed descriptors of the knives stuck in Still's heart and the acid that flows down his torso, and Dr Feelnot writes blah blah blah DEPRESSION shit on the note-pad.

T looks at Still and asks "what triggers it?" Still asks "what?" T says "what?" Still: "what what?" T-"triggers man!!! What triggers this depression?"

You still call it "depression!?!" Its PAIN! Why does PAIN not get to have a name that is recognized in the DSM Behavioral Health V-Code Conditions? Why can't PAIN...bloody, fiery, acid-like PAIN just be a diagnosis of the psyche?

They still don't get it, and Still is still in wicked pain.