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Here's a thought;

Testosterone works wonders for anxiety / depression. Dr's are able to prescribe if you are low on testosterone (Get a blood test) and the results are spectacular.

I had slightly lower than average levels, and was dead tired and depressed all the time. Psyche meds were not working, and my Dr. tried out a testosterone shot. Within ours, I felt amazingly better. Took it for about a year, and it changed the course of my life - got me in touch with my body.


My story on this is similar to Magellan's. I complained to my doctor about 6 years ago that I was feeling tired all the time. Finally about 3 months ago he ran the necessary blood tests and found that my testosterone and thyroid levels were very low. So I've been taking a pill for the thyroid every morning. Once per month I go in and the nurse administers a testosterone shot to my butt. It really is making me come alive again (not Frankenstein eek ). One side affect: I haven't felt this sexual since I was a teen ager.