Glad to see you online Jeff. I know what it feels like post-storm having been there myself. Damn you're doing good for the first week. So, a part of me has been with you since Monday. Leave space for yourself to have bad days, too.

Two thots:

1. Most immediate, though it sounds you're coping relatively well, you're less than a week past the storm. That's a trauma. This kind of trauma is difficult, like some CSA, because there are no immediately obvious physical signs. Your head's gonna be weird for a while...and the heads of those around you. Especially when it comes to tempers flaring. A lot of your world, your security was literally blown away. Your routine continues to be interrupted. I only began to feel normal when the electric went back on...after three weeks and then I collapsed from exhaustion. No one recovers from trauma on the same schedule. If nothing else, go easy on yourself if you can. Also, if you're able to share that insight with the family, you're all on the same page.

2. What to do with Little Jeff? I recognize the aversion you'd have to pictures. Nevertheless, this helped me. I dug up some childhood pix, like my avatar, and I talked to Little Lancer because I'm the one who knows him best. I'm the adult he needed, but didn't have. But he has me now. Mygawd, I cried, sobbed, etc. Little Lancer is feeling a lot safer these days...and I still have chats (and cries) with him.