Waiting On You

I can see you sitting alone,
wishing somebody would call,
but it isn't my place.

I'm just a friend, waiting in the wings.
I'll be here when the world turns it's back on you.
When the night seems too long and your sky's fade to grey,
I'll be waiting in the wings.

I can hear your silent tears,
crying out for understanding.
But I cannot see you.

I'm just a face in the crowd.
I'll be here when the cheers have all faded
When no one will listen to your stories,
when your fair weather friends have all gone.

I know you're fighting alone tonight,
Wondering who will help you win.
But it isn't my war.

I'm just a lover you never knew
I'll be here when the war has ended
When you’re weak and cannot hold
Your head up anymore.

I feel the pain you hide,
Wanting somebody to see,
But looking at it frightens me

I'm just a broken heart, hiding from the fear
I'll be here when you've cried the last tear
When your broken and alone.
I'll hold you close.

I'm just a friend waiting in the wings.
Only a face in the crowd,
A lover you never knew
And the broken heart you left behind.

But I'll be here until the end of time
'Cos I love you and I need you,
Friend of mine.