My parents are both christians and chose kids. My brother was dad's favourite and I (the youngest) was mum's. It was obvious. My dad would take me brother to work with him on the farm all the time (me maybe twice a year if my brother couldn't go). I would stay at home and do 'girly' stuff with my mum. It is a miracle that I don't have gender identity problems really. They had hoped I would be a girl. Lol (Leanne). I am a sensive kind of guy though.

My dad actually said openly at my brother's 21st that he had always been his favouite son. Finally someone said it out loud.

My T says I was setup from the start.

This brother was one of my abusers and now he is the favourite of both of them. I can't win!! (not that I want their attention now anyway) And he still feels ripped off like I am the favourite - he is even more messed up then me. Lol.

On another note - tonight my 10 year old daughter told me she feels like we don't like her as much as her little brother - like we are mean to her. This is not the case!!(I was worried that we hugged to much as a family). She has aspergers and is hard work most of the time. But man - that is something we need to work on. I don't want her growing up with those issues.
More than meets the eye!