So far, the only source we have for the multi-state pedo ring that the NYDN reported on is a guy in Philly named Greg Bucceroni, who appeared on Twitter to say he was a survivor of it.

A newspaper in Philly then went out of its way to write a long piece on Bucceroni to challenge his credibility. Take that for what it's worth. To me, Bucceroni seems credible but has some problems with rage/anger, which isn't surprising, but doesn't help with his credibility in public.

So take that for what it's worth... but so far we only have one news agency citing one source... which does not make for much, even without another news agency challenging that source's credibility.

My eyes are on the Jimmy Savile investigation in the UK. That's where the pedo-ring news seems to be most likely to break.

There's one new Savile-related arrest today, some old comedian, but that's not big news. Keep watching.

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