Hey bro,
off course that I can't hide from myself. I admire your courage and what you did, I guess at some point I would need it also.
Obviously I have huge halt in my development particularly relating to sexuality and I'll need to work trouhg it.
Off course that I'm not sure who I'm at the moment. Relationship with men is unthinkable for me, no matter on my fantasies, I can't imagine to be romantically involved with some.
Women? Well it is almost the same.
To be honest in real life I'll escape any possibility to become sexual with any person no matter on gender. In my fantasy world I'm more into men, but in reality I'm not into anyone.

I'm starting relationship with great girl currently, and even I've been dying to kiss her during our second date and even she is more than ready for it I just couldn't do it. When we are talking about walls, my are immense. Thinking to become intimate with her makes me terrible scared. In my past I needed some very aggressive girl who brought me to sharing intimacy with her and I was like frozen all times.

To try something with men I guess I would need to be on drugs or something...

Anyway in real life I'm never aroused or feeling anything sexual toward any person, maybe couple times I was (by some girls) and that is all, I can even remember when it happened.
I've read about sexual mapping and I know that I'll need to do it, that is the thing that you Ivo did.
I'm happy that you resolved your knot, I guess I'll need some more time for my.

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