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Please accept my humblest apologies. I should have read the previous posts better. I read the "God shaped hole" in one of the posts and did not read your follow up reply as well as I should have. I then prescribed that phrase to my responses. I am sorry for attempting to answer the question with the wrong answers.

In my humble imagination I would like to think of all of us as sitting around a campfire attempting to support each other in our struggles with CSA. In no way do I wish to cause another person to stumble with any of my responses. The medium that we are doing this in is not conducive to the emotions that we try to communicate.

I completely agree with you and Scott on the stance of some churches. I had to tell my whole story in front of 30 some elders at a cold legalistic church. In the next meeting I was told by the elder, that was representing me, that I was going to be "figuratively" crucified and that I could not do anything since we had left the church. Well, long story short God placed me in a church of repentant misfits that have budgeted money for the mental health of the congregation. The staff does the light work but they know when they are out of their depth and allow the member to pick the counseling that they want to go to. This includes psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists.

I hope and pray that you find the support you are looking for.

Soli Deo Gloria,



Thank you so much. I accept your apology. :-)

Wow, what a church you found. The ones here, except Catholic and those like it like Luteran, are mostly (not all I'm sure) interested in one thing--signing you up and begging for money cause they overspent on their big, pretty church building they couldn't afford. There is also a few churches with questionable teachings and at least 2 that act like a cult. One has a self-described "apostle". Yes, he claims to be an "apostle". Maybe he is, and most likely he ain't. Makes me giggle, well, ROFLMAO! Except for the two or three churches that let AA/NA use a meeting room or two, there is pretty much NO support groups of any kind other than religious stuff. You would think there would be at least rape support groups for women all over and there's zero save the Salvation Army. Kinda says it all about where their priorities are, doesn't it? This area has tons of domestic violence (above the average I'm told) and it is a poor area is why I say that. Catholic Social Services keeps saying they want to bring counseling like they have in two of the four other cities they serve, but even then they charge.

People invariably say, well, start a group. Experience, bitter experience, has taught me that is a very lonely road where you do all the work, spend all your money and get fucked for doing it. No thank you. I ain't got the emotional health anyway. So, you are lucky. You found a rare one that meets the needs of people and doesn't just do church. They all should be doing that not worrying about basketball courts, million dollar acoustic tile, etc., etc., etc. Pitiful. -Phoenix

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