Well, the third week of R&R has passed and I cannot wait for the last week to be over. We have to do a performance piece based on masks we made which reflect our essential self. LIke I said, it cannot be over soon enough.

A lot has happened in the class. Last week I became the resident villain for confronting a fellow classmate. We have been encouraged to "share." What a fucking bunch of bullshit! Well, the teacher "suggested" I read some articles on non violent conflict resolution, because I seemed a little angry.

I am so fed up with the "helping" professions pushing that we express ourselves, that we learn to be in touch with and let out our feelings, especially anger. Then when we do, even in a small way, BAM! Anger management training, a.k.a. suppression, the very thing we have been encouraged to let go of. What a bunch of mutha-fuckin' hypocrites.

Would someone remind me why I decided to pursue this inane profession?