Napa State hospital reports that Ayres has been trying to "groom" a disabled man while he has been housed at the hospital. Bear in mind that when Ayres was in his medical residency at Yale he also worked with disabled men.

The nursing supervisor who oversaw Ayres' unit was among five other people who testified Tuesday. The supervisor, Sybil James, told the court that on more than one occasion Ayres had to be removed from the company of another inmate out of concerns he might be "grooming" him, a term used for the process by which sexual offenders prepare for a potential victim for abuse.

James said she and other staffers noticed Ayres spending time alone with the man, who is developmentally disabled. The man had previously been involved in an undescribed incident with another man that resulted in the filing of a police report. The developmentally disabled man was eventually moved to a different unit of the hospital for his safety.

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