Sorry for the pain man, I know all to well as I had been through the same with my wife. Twice she kicked me out of the house and It was really tough.
There were times when I thought it was over, but after examining myself =very very deeply, I came to the conclusion that I really did love the lady intensely.
Sometimes the love we feel is mere convenience and comfort. When I had moved out the second time I decided that I was going to live it up and have fun, sow my wild oats so to speak, but I couldn't. I then realized that I really did care for her.

So I put all selfish things aside and set out to prove that I cared for her and only her, it took a while but I am home again and things are getting worked out.
Try and get her to join MS as a partner and she can ask questions and talk to other survivors, if she doesn't believe you perhaps she will believe others.

Hang in their, "it aint over till the fat lady sings"

Heal well
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