My wife and I have been seperated since March of this year. Our seperation was over finances, not abuse or being unfaithful. (I could never do that to her and she would admit that I wouldn't do that.) I only recently told her what happened to me. For more details read my post at

We tried to have a conversation about these incidents, but after trying to explain to her why I had kept that a secret from her after our 11 year relationship and nearly 10 years of marriage, she made me feel very inadaquate. She made me feel that inferior to her, that I never spoke to her.

I tried to tell her that admitting to her that I, a Male, had been gang raped with a broomstick by other Males, was something I couldn't admit to her, because of how I was raised that men are supposed to be strong in today's society.

That for me to admit to her, that I was weak, that I couldn't break my silence to her and just openly admit that this happened to me.

I simply didn't want to admit to her that I wasn't the REAL MAN that she loved and married.

So, I guess what I'm asking from this community is:
How do I explain to her about this?

I still love this woman. I need and still want the loving and caring woman that I came to love and respect, and married.