Guys, unlike what Country said, I really don't think God cares if you get mad at him, or blame him for things. Look how many people thank him for shit he has nothing to do with. lol I say, get mad and tell him exactly how you feel. He can take it or he ain't God. My biggest problem was the help in the flesh (a friend or a mate) he never sent me. It's like for 17 years I didn't count to him unless I was doing shit for him, or somebody or some church that turned around and treated me like shit. That's really my only beef. He can send it to everyone else. Why was I so different? It does reinforce some self-hate and pisses me off. He sent all kinds of people to try and help my sperm donor, but nothing for me. That's what I don't get.

A guy opens the front door and sees a snail on his doorstep. He picks up the snail and throws it across the street in a neighbor's yard. A year later, the guy opens the front door and the same snail is on his doorstep. The snail says, "What the f*ck was that about?"