One last quick note. Since this whole website/organization started with a few peop;e putting their heads together to start something that was much needed for us. Then it stands to reason that there is another glaring inadequacy out there in the communities we live in. No one addresses the rape of men, even though it goes on much more frequently than we would like to think. Well a few years ago, no one paid much attention to male CSA. So what do we need to do? Who will carry that standard forward? Do we sit back in silence and grumble among ourselves or do we turn up the volume, turn on the spotlight, and draw attention to the problem? I'd be happy to help someone write a book about their experience. Or even an article. But this is just a call to move toward action instead of cursing the dark. Let's light this candle!!! Who is willing to be on a blog with their story out there so the world finally gets it?