On my WOR (x2) there were men who had been assaulted as adults as well as those with a past of CSA. But MaleSurvivor was established priamarily with CSA in mind. No everything in those 10 affirmations applies to me either, I had a fantastic child hood, except for one neighbor and his "friends", my life would have been ideal. But I don't get angry about what doesn't apply directly to me here, instead, I try to use what tools work, and leave off those that don't. On my weekends, there were a couple of exercises that I felt uncomfortable doing, so I didn't. No one judged me, and no one tried to make be play along. Take what you can find to get healing, and don't worry about what doesn't. Personally, I need to try to reconnect with the the parts of me I cut off in the past. I started functioning in many ways, as an adult when I was 5 years old. I didn't allow myself to feel much of the joy that was everywhere around me. For some of us the "inner child" connection is not a bunch of crap. For you, I can understand why you would want to find resources that help you to be listened to and understood. I don't know what it feels like to go through adult rape, but I think I understand what it feels like to not have control over what is happening to you, to carry rage, and hate, hurt, guilt, shame, and to be utterly disrespected. We all need to embrace each other here. I care about you feelings and pain. I really do. You didn't deserve what happened to you and I want you to find peace and healing. Just like I want for myself and every one the guys here, no matter what their story is.