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The language that we use conveys the thought behind the words that we use. Even the moans and the tears that are shed in conviction and repentance are lovingly brought to our minds by the Holy Spirit searching our hearts.
Absolutely! Well said.

Struggling to communicate verbally what is felt in spirit is universal Alive. In fact, we are told as much, that we need to be drawn into worship and devotion to our God Jehovah, to the son Jesus through such spirit in order to comprehend the "deeper" things. In fact, the Scriptures bring out that He gives us understanding into which the angels desire to peer. 1 Peter 1:12

That we have such a knowledge gifted to us through the spirit helps us to understand these things, but indeed, as such is communicating with our hearts, the struggle is to then put such wonderful truths into verbal praise. This can be likened to a baby trying to communicate with it's mother and indeed a mother trying to communicate with an infant. The sounds are soothing, but to attempt to verbalize that communication would be improbably difficult.

In my personal relationship with God, I find he has always been Powerful, Just, Holy and Wise. Through the relationship with me earthly father, I also saw him as terrible, controlling and fierce. In the last few years I am beginning to build on His Love. In 2009, in May in fact, I was overwhelmed by such a powerful feeling about God, but I could not understand what it was. As I contemplated the feeling, I realized it was forgiveness. I had been taught that Paradise was most likely lost to me, so to have God grant me this gift, this forgiveness was like water to a parched man in the desert. I cried for days, I rejoiced that I knew unequivocally, I was to inherit Paradise. It was like lying in the hands of God, in His bosom position.., amazing. The relationship I have with Him now is vastly different and substantially better than I had controlled by the abuse.

God is wonderful in every way, especially in the way he makes his worshipers feel, each one so very important to him, we truly know who "gets this language" and we proudly serve with them in doing His Will.

Thank you Alive!
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