Been a long time since I have been here, court case was pending, came and went, perp in in gaol (jail) for an extended period, I will be notified when he is released. I think the most powerful thing of all the legal process (and Family agony), was my family finally knew, not only about the "family friend", but about me. My eldest brother decided that if my case was going to hit the news, like the perps previous (but after me) cases, he had better warn my parents, both at that time in their 80's.. and decided at the same time, in case it came out, to also let them know that me (the youngest child of 5 boys) was also gay. We did not realise at that time my name would never or could never be published. Both issues were something I had hoped my parents would never need to know. And I state, both are unrelated (I guess). Well I was so numb at the time, I guess I did not object, so entire family was hit by my abuse by a family friend between 11-17 and the fact that I am a gay man. As above, the two are totally separate, I know many straight men who where abused. and if anyone wants to read the 34 pages of the Honourable Justices's Judgement, I can upload it as a PDF or just copy and paste. It is rather complex as it covers many changes in the law in NSW Australia, and therefore the Judge had to be very complete in his judgement and sentencing (as perp was already in gaol (jail) for other "later" sex offences. Original charges re me he was charged with was "the abominable crime against nature and God, the act of buggery and beastiality" as that was the law in late 60's and early 70's. Please note, no animals were involved. My Victims Statement received a good rap from the judge, and i think bought tears to many there.. I had never had to write about what I went through nor how it affected me, but the process was also an eye-opener for me. I have no problems sharing if any interested, as it may help others. Thanks if you read this far:) Roy PS Are there any MS Groups in Sydney?
Sydney, Australia.