Well I guess it's kind of pointless for me to answer further because it seems to me that you want a God of pure creation of your own mind that fits your needs and specific ways and This God that you have made in your own mind will only be able to help you by your own standards And I mean let's be realistic even a god that is made up by your own mind
was any God at all why in the world would he have to answer to you? My own opinion is that you are not looking at this objectively but looking for answers That will only meet the criteria you deem fit
i think you are looking for a great conversation to stimulate your mind Because if you We're looking at this objectively you would sincerely be looking for answers instead I see someone with a puffed up mind who already has all the answers .
You must have a sense of the spiritual realm because by saying you had an encounter with God then You must believe in the spiritual realm So knowing that how is it that you say you have faith the faith that you're talking about is not the faith i am talking about
because you belief in your own God and that is not even enough to satisfy your own Interpretation of God faith is more than just believing in God without being able to physically be able to see him. You say the whole evolution thing is not true and at the same time sAy you don't believe the god of the bible or should i say christ and everything he stood for so really like i said you have created a god from your own head and can not even get him to answer the questions that you have. You sAy well what works for me and country will not work for you and you Admit that your god is not working for you either but the god i serve and millions of others have it all wrong . Could it possible thAt you have it wrong and are not willing to submit to a higher power because you hAve it all figured out O ECEPT THE PART THAT U DONT HAVE FIGURED OUT hmmm maybe the god of the bible is correct and because u are so full of pride that u will never receive the answers you seek because in order to get them you must have faith real faith that believes god is who he says he is and will do what he says he will do but instead you want god to answer to you and you want everything on your terms and i have to pull a dr phill on you " hows that working for you . Did you even finish the whole article i posted or did your puffed up mind already conclude you had all the answers? I wrote this on my phone so please forgive the run ons
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