Lol, Daddy and Big Pappa, wonderful, although my worship is a bit more structured, albeit more sanitized and maybe poorer for it.

The Greek Septuagint has a rendering of the initials and the insertion of vowels is across the board so the origin of the insertion does not concern me, but I value the history lesson. Jehovah works for me as I do not have any words I use without vowels, and as bratwurst, sauerkraut and Volkswagen came from German(y), and one even from Hitler's brain I hear, I am okay with that too.

What I am considering in this post is the absence of the Name. We have Jesus, the Apostles, some disciples and even Judas Iscariot, but not God's Name? What's up with that? The Hebrews felt that uttering the name of God was forbidden, but was that in the Scripture? If that was the tradition of the Jews, was it not the tradition that Jesus stood firmly against in the Christian Greek Scriptures?

Again I ask, does God(YHWY or Yahweh or Jehovah) wish to be called by his name, or his title? What as worshipers of our God do we gain or lose by not using his name? "Hallowed be thine name..." The first request in the commonly referred to Lord's Prayer...

I love that there is SOMETHING out there I can approximate to call him by a name. When I came to MS, WalkingSouth was a title, but John PM'd me and made me feel welcomed. Then FormerTexan emailed me about a Greeter potion, but Andy chatted with me about his home town. Tartagus posted about struggles with abuse recovery, but Chris Anderson chatted about the love he felt with co-creating MaleSurvivor.

I want to call upon my God, but Yahweh does not really do it for me, Jehovah sounds more like how I talk... I hope I do not offend. I am who I am, so I will use Jehovah. I will praise Jehovah in the streets, in the open spaces, in the privacy of my home and upon my bed in prayer.

I like that.
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