I am so glad I picked this thread to read first. I swear I feel like I am going crazy. K, is my BF. and his abuse seems to take over our lives. We both have faith, but K is angry with God at the moment and I feel like I am screaming and begging for help.

He shares sometimes and it takes everything in me to not pick up the phone and tear his mother a new one for allowing these things to go on. Other times he doesn't share I think partially because he feels like he is protecting me from those feelings.

We aren't married but we always planned to someday, but what if he doesn't love me after all. what if he is unhappy when he wakes up next to me. what if his abuse eats him alive and he doesn't want me anymore.

My heart hurts, but I know the man I fell in love with is in there but what if he just doesn't want me...
Everything rides on hope now, everything rides on faith some how, when the world has broken me down YOUR love sets me free....
-Addison Road