My identity, my name, was STOLEN decades ago. Now that I have struggled these 44 years to find it again, I am positively JEALOUS about it. I want everyone to know my name, not just "husband", "man", "father", "loanee" or "worshiper". If I am made in God's image, then would not He want the same?

I have had many discussions with Christians and other faiths about why the Christian God's name is seldom used, obscured or dismissed. MOST other faiths have a clearly defined name that has been brought up through the centuries, translated through dead languages and is proudly used to name there God(s). The Holy Scriptures NAMES God over 7000 times, using the tetragrammaton, initials or the entire name, but Christians generally continue to use the title or position to address their heavenly Father.

I have heard: It's a sign of respect to use the title. Is it? With whom else does this work with? Which leads to... God is to be addressed differently. Is he? Does he want to be? Doesn't the Lord's Prayer begin with "Hallowed be thine NAME?

I do not wish to begin conflict or to digress into bickering. There is a strong, intelligent Christian base in MS and the S&S forum has been active and respectful. In reading the posts, I see God, Father, Holy One and other very respectful titles, but what is more respectful, more intimate, more comforting than a name?


PS... His real name means "He Causes to Become". That means no matter what He says he can will into existence, sustain and conclude. No matter what. What can be more desirable than to be known and called by that name?
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