I only came to terms with my "inner" self recently. I suffered from, well still suffer from low self esteem, anxiety and terrible sociability. While having my childhood suppressed I tried to deal with these issues. I wasn't very successful because I never went to the source.

In attempts to gain insight and some inspiration to keep living, or atleast keep trying without actually addressing my past I read a lot of books. Few helped but one author inspired me to live. To practice something called volition. Her name is Ayn Rand. Her books are packed with larger than life characters but the message is powerful. It's about winners winning(survivors), not letting yourself down( perseverance), changing abstract thought into something real(choosing recovery).

I do not guarantee you'll get something from it. But give her a try. Her book Alas Shrugged brought me back to the real world. We lost our inner child, and I for one want to try find him again and have him grow up finally and be strong, but the empty shell we try put him back into needs to be string too.

The type of life presented in the books is hard to achieve but I think it's a good representation of how hard we have to try to get ourselves back.

- Atlas Shrugged
- Fountain head
- Anthem
- The Romantic Manifesto
Quiet the noises
And leave your ears free to hear
What is going on,
Right Here.

Do not cower in fear
For when the morning rays mate with the leaves
Through your eyes it will be clear,
That there was actually nothing to fear.