OMG...I actually remember Ben Casey! (See? I'm old, too!) Well, there you have it doctor! Wow, I actually have an MS doctor black and white.

I think the buried treasure line qualifies for a joke. Better than Interweb jokes, imo.

I'm envious of your USAF background. (Dad was Navy, just post-Normandy, Anvil One, Bougnan Bay). Would love to hear more about it when/if you're inclined. My lottery number came up - something like 189 - but the whole thing was history in a few months. And at the time the military wasn't the place to be. Given my penchant for some team sports/activities pre-CSA I think it would have been great for me. I did go on to learn to fly for a while. Wasn't until 15 years later I recaptured some of that feeling with a terrific running club here. A bit like MS, I really like the whole fraternal thing, like brothers I never had.