're a treasure, as always Jeff. However, although the lesions are healing (at what seems like an accelerated rate to me) and I can now wear the bermudas sometimes, there's the lingering neuropathy that drives me nuts. (It's like having an ice pick shoved into your foot in the middle of the night). So, you still have time to make your contribution of sick, tasteless jokes. I thrive on 'em. Climbing on the roof during a thunderstorm sounds like a terrific sport.

Perfect timing, too. Had some lingering pain that hasn't quit today. I'm getting things done, but my mood isn't that great. And you gave it a boost. Thank you!

And, man, you are SO right. I DO have a lot of really great friends here at MS, as you do. I have no idea how I would have made the past several months with my sanity intact otherwise.