Last Wednesday i was in the steam room, and a woman was there
We got to talking and we really hit it off!
About 20 minutes later she had to go to take her kid to school.
As she was leaving she says to me " I will be here next Monday
at the same time".
I mentioned this to my therapist and he says " that is an
invitation if i ever heard of one".

So i was excited. I went a couple of days ago to the steam
room; she wasn't there.

Then i thought ' well i saw her last Wednesday morning maybe
she will be there this Wednesday...
So i went there this morning.
I got there early.
I spent at least 30 minutes in the steam room, i felt like
shit, so off i was going to the hot-tub.

As i walked toward the hot-tub i seen Jasmine was in there.
( Wow! i was thinking) " Hi, how you doin?" we asked
each other in unison.

After finding out that she was just about to get into the pool;
i thought " you better seize the moment Goran...."
" Hey Jasmine , you seeing anyone right now?"

"Ah, yeah i am".
( WHAT A BITCH!, i was thinking).
She tells me all about this guy.
And tells me about her business.

Anyone movng forward. Her loss ,not mine!

love ya's