Improvements definitely underway. Some sores are actually healing. I've ventured to wear shorts and sandals again. Leg looks more like it lost an argument with stuff kicked up by the weedeater instead of looking like leprosy. Believe it or not, that's progress!

Huge relief I've been able to halve my painkiller dosages. I can understand how people get hooked on the stuff. Wish I could relax and just enjoy the relief, but the sh*t scares me. Still doing baking soda tub soaks at least once a day, but it's taken a lot out of my energy level. Man, I should write a book.

Even ventured a session with my massage therapist who's a determined chap and felt it necessary to work the areas that had - for lack of a better term - atrophied a bit. I know it's for a good cause, but sheesh! Damn lucky to have him around.