The news about the BSA is unsettling, as they had to be FORCED to reveal the list of perps. I'm really sorry the BSA covered it up and protected sexual predators to "protect the good name of the BSA." The neighborhood kids now say BSA stands for "Boys Sexually Assaulted." Cover ups ALWAYS backfire.

I am sorry the good leaders and members of the BSA have had this blanket of betrayal thrown on them by their sick and twisted counterpart leaders, and i am most sorry for the boys who were assaulted and then victimized by the cover up.

My father/perp was a BSA leader. His name does not appear on the BSA list of perps, so i am certain there are many many more whose names do not appear. I would imagine a lot of the cases were covered up at a local level.

My two elder brothers were in scouts during my father's time as a leader. My father resigned and left scouts abruptly and without explanation. It's odd that after he had lived, ate, and breathed scouting for several years, he resigned and never again mentioned the BSA or his time as a devout leader.

Undefeated, we can be certain you were not the only one targeted by the monster from Arvada.