Hello all,
I found out a 2 years ago that my boyfriend was abused when he was 5 yrs old. We finally had the discussion about what happened and i found out that he was sexually abused by his pediatrician. I am the only person he has told.
I have fantasies of asking his mom who his pediatrician was while they were living for a short time in Miami so I can look this person up online. I'm sorry for saying this while in a forum for people who are healing, but I want to find this monster, go to his work and scream at him and tell the world who he really is. Is there any way to go about this while protecting my bf's privacy and not letting his mother know what happened (per his request)? This happened over 30 years ago. I just want to see if there's anything i can do, although i realize it may be for me and not for my loved one. Thanks