dear friends,

i chose to ask you for help because of a woman i know personally but met here on MS. her name here is alovingmom.
she has two small boys, both abused by the father, the bigger one also raped. the father was also violent to her, also in the pregnancy. she is a black woman living in the UK. the husband is white and a UK citizen with german genetics. his whole family is seriously crazy. she came from africa to the uk. she met him in africa and he took her there. she was in love, hoped for a better life and he made sure she never had any more contact with her original family. she cant go back there. the kids are mixed kids, two really cute little boys. the father then abused the boys and the older boy told his mother. she left the house with the two kids the same day. she got psychological help for the boy. the older one is 6 now and the younger one is 3 since summer.
it was very hard for her to get out of this relation, she had to stay in a womans shelter and then in a homeless shelter and has no money except of the social money she gets (and some help from me).

the problem is as follows:
the father claims the children. he is a doctor. the mother reported the abuse to the police in england/ london and they didnt take her seriously...said the kids are too small, so no evidence and same like no witness. there was no actual case and the father then turned the whole thing around, saying that the mother just wants to take the kids away from him. another court then (family court) forced her to let the two boys go to the fathers house on every second weekend and he has the right on the kids. she (of course) violated this judgement as she was scared that he rapes her two little boys again. then the father kept on draggin her to the court and won a lot of cases, to the extend that the social services came and actually wanted to take the kids away from her into the hands of the father/ perpetrator. the social office though did understand her and due to what she said, the started the whole court thing again. over this whole strees, plus the divorce, she simply had no money left. due to moving out of the house, she lost her job as well plus she cant work alone with those two little boys, that is simply impossible. plus she is all the time scared that he goes and grabs the boys as the court said he coudl, as he has the right.
now in all this fight, the judge forced her to have the boys evaluated by a psychiatrist. she says the judge is a pedophile who is in contact with her ex husband who is also a pedophile of course. the judge sent her to a certain psychiatrist:

exactly THIS guy.
she is totally finished off for obvious reasons and KNOWS she will lose her kids into the hands of the pedophile father, so that then the judge and the psychiatist can get hold of those two little boys for further abuse. the father would pimp them out to the other two pedophiles.

i know the story seems totally unbelievable, but first of all, when i was in london, i met the woman and the children. she is a very very caring and loving mother. the children are not easy to handle (confused and loud, crying and insecure, shy and just a mess) but she handles them totally loving and caring. she protects them with all that she has even with her life (she suspects him to be able to kill her).
the second thing i have seen is a few of those court decisions, which are simply rediculous. one actually says, as there is NO PROOF of CSA form the fathers side, the law treats him as innocent and therefore the father has a right on the children (the children get totally aggressive but run into corners for hiding when the see the father).
what i have also seen is that she tries her totally best to protect her kids but she is at the end, she cant do anymore, they are all finishing her off. now she is trying to get information from germany against that psychiatrist, just to be allowed to go to any other one for the kids evaluation by court.
all sides seem to be against those two little boys and she is SURE they will be pimped out by the father IF she doesnt somehow with some miracle win this thing.

now my question:
does anyone of you have any idea on how to help her (i do the money part). any ideas on how she could leave the UK and get into any other place somehow legally, maybe with different names for her and the boys. she really needs to go from there!!! this just wont end. she is a very strong woman but everything has its limits.
anyone of you know how a uk person could get away from there, without being called back by law. all she wants is her kids to be safe and she would do it, even if she had to die over it.

any of you has any ideas - please let me know.

thank you,
everything is always okay in the end, if it's not, then it's not the end