Hi, my fraternal brother, Steve.

Welcome to MS. Here you will receive compassion, understanding & hope, from your brothers (fraternal) & friends (in pain.)

We all have been there. We have been into the depths of our soul & hell too.

We will hear your cries. We will help in your fears & share in your tears.

Be prepared for the emotional roller coaster ride of your life.

Masturbation & believing that we were headed straight to hell is most something that most of may have been told too.
For some of us it's still a compulsive thing. I'm 73 & that's a part of me too, along with being gay.

May I suggest the book Victims No Longer, by Mike Lew. It's sort of the bible for us in recovery. There are others.

We here in MS have a lot to offer. Healing circles on Sunday & Wednesday evenings, a moderated forum. It's in a safe room (where only those in it can read it), what is said there stays there. They start at 9pm eastern time. They are by invitation only. All you have to do is be in chat just before the starting time & watch & see when someone posts anyone here for HC, please type it in. Then after he sets up the safe room, you will get a pop up on your screen that says accept or not. Then you are in the safe room. You don't have to say anything, just sit & observe & then when ever you feel comfortable & then, you can request floor time & say what ever issue that you have on your mind.

So, my fraternal brother, Steve, wishing you well on your journey to healing. You are on your way.

"I will take that lost boys hand, and I will lead him from the depths of darkness, into the sunshine, forever into eternity." As he is me.


It's usually a good bet that if you think that you may have been sexually abused, you were.
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