Apparently there is some maturation process going on within the brain that connects the part containing the csa memories with the other parts. I don't really understand it beyond that.

I had a few glimmers which broke through my amnesia.

In college we passed a parked car and I smelled motor oil. That was a trigger because of being abused in a garage. But they didn't come out.

The sight of kids the age I got csa are triggering. My kids got to that age and I was asked to help with the school carnival. Just seeing them caused emotions in me. It was very painful for me and I got really tense and tired. I didn't touch anybody at all. I didn't have a clue why all that was going on inside of me. I tended to just think I was defective. I didn't start to understand what was happening until many years later. But it undoubtedly was the triggering of memories in my own mind.

About 5 years before my memories really emerged I passed a book store. I looked over and there was a book in the window that had a picture of a broken doll with tears streaming down. I had a tearful reaction. I didn't know why.