An update that I may actually be starting to heal. Yeah, it's a sue me (as one of my MS buds would say). Lesions have at least dried out. None of it's pretty - got some big, ugly nasties hiding under bandages - but it's an improvement. I think the baking soda soaks and hydrogen peroxide made the diff. Neverfear, I still qualify as an extra for "The Walking Dead".

Attitude is changing a little, but that may have more to do with longer-acting painkiller than anything. When I hold off, I start to hurt again and the mind is quick to follow. Yes, got the rabbit food and the lawn done. Really had to force myself out, but it was "good" for me...I suppose. :-\ Paid for it with a complete crash the next day. Oh yeah, I'm sick. I shouldn't be doing all this stuff...doh! Sounds like it's the Joan of Arc costume for THIS Halloween, huh?

I'm hoping the neuropathy is minimal, but it's started in my right arch, sometimes jolting me awake. Dammit. Hypersensitivity remains elsewhere in the right leg and that really drives me nuts.

Sooo, nine days since start of treatment. Gonna finish off the Acyclovir refill to make sure.

Appreciate the encouragement in your PMs guys (i.e., laffing at my bad jokes). Not quite out of the woods, but feel like this round is going better than the last.