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Aaron Fischer, known to us as Sandusky Victim #1, is my hero.

Aaron, if you're reading this, thank you so much.

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I just finished watching the ABC News' 20/20 program with Chris Cuomo on Sandusky Victim #1 Aaron Fisher. The program brought out the great difficulty and bullying and persistence he had to undergo to get the point across. It took 3 years before Sandusky was arrested. Everybody believed 'that Sandusky walked on water'. They wouldn't believe his report.

It was really great. The boy that slew the giant.

I put his book in my shopping cart to be ordered later when it comes out.

Silent No More: Victim 1's Fight for Justice Against Jerry Sandusky, by Aaron Fisher



I watched the interview last night on ABC'S 20/20 with Chris Cuomo. This is the story as I remember seeing it. Aaron Fisher, identified as victim #1, told his story in a very credible manner in the interview. He had signed up with the organization Second Mile at age 10. Sandusky soon started grooming him. He took him to major football games and started spending time with him. Sandusky told Aaron that he had a great future as an athlete. He started asking Aaron to his home. Aaron described the basement of Sandusky's home as having lots of game equipment and things to do. We now know what else went on in Sandusky's home.

Aaron told his Mom and they went together to the school office. The school official(s) there refused to believe him and to act in his defense. Aaron told of the great difficulty he had in pressing his story. We know that 3 years elapsed. He and his mother were upset enough to press the issue. They took the matter to the local police and then the state police without the school's intervention. The school officials (may have been the principal, names were given during the program) refused to believe him or to act to defend him. Sandusky would come into the school freely and during school hours and ask to see Aaron. The school would call Aaron to the office. They were going to deliver Aaron to Sandusky, whom they believed to be a saint trying to help Aaron. They had refused to believe that something was "going on". Aaron had to hide within the school so that he wouldn't be found. ABC news interviewed the Pennsylvania State Policeman. The police apparently hesitated at first but then started an investigation which led to the arrest and conviction. Parts of that interview were aired in ABC's 20/20 last night. They (ABC News) tried to query the 2 school officials but the school officials ran from the camera.



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